[CAW] M134 ミニガンほかホビー, エアガン・モデルガン, BB弾が勢ぞろい。ランキング、レビューも充実。アマゾンなら最短当日配送。 ホビー商品の発売日・キャンセル期限に関して: フィギュア・プラモデル・アニメグッズ・カードゲーム・食玩の商品は、メーカー都合により発売日が延期される. Minigun refers to a specific model of weapon that General Electric originally produced, but the term minigun has popularly come to refer to any externally powered rotary gun of rifle caliber. The term is sometimes used loosely to refer to guns of similar rates of fire and configuration, regardless of power source and caliber

ミニガン (Minigun) ミニガン (Minigun)ステータス 解説 入手方法オフライン オンライン 使用するNPCオンライン ゲーム内解説(英語) (日本語) 価格本体 弾薬 アタッチメント 解説 GTA:CW以来の登場となるガトリング銃。リロード不要であり、射撃ステータスを100%にすれば最大残弾は9999. Mit Minigun wird im engeren Sinne eine nach dem Gatling-Prinzip arbeitende vollautomatische Schusswaffe im Standardkaliber 7,62 × 51 mm NATO bezeichnet. Der Begriff Minigun schließt nur das M134 bzw. GAU-2 und GAU-17 - jeweils andere Bezeichnungen für dieselbe Waffe - ein. Unkorrekterweise werden im allgemeinen Sprachgebrauch jedoch.

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The Minigun is a unique weapon, requiring a small spin-up time before firing a barrage of shots. This makes it useful for suppressing fire and clearing corners, but its windup leaves its wielder vulnerable to surprise attacks FPSRussia Shirts: http://fpsrussia.spreadshirt.com/-C94489 Twitter: http://twitter.com/THEFPSHOW FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/FPSRUSSIA CLICK TO TWEET P.. The Minigun takes 1.56 seconds to fully 'unholster', the player must wait for the 'unholster time' to finish before being able to fire the gun. When used, it can fire at a rate of 5 shots per second, giving it an effective 12.5 ( ×6.25) DPS Classic Army M134-A2 Vulcan Minigunミニガン ガスシステム S009Mほかホビー, エアガン・モデルガン, エアガン, サブマシンガンが勢ぞろい。ランキング、レビューも充実。アマゾンなら最短当日配送 A minigun is a multi-barrel machine gun with a high rate of fire, employing Gatling-style rotating barrels. It was a standard military weapon before the Great War, with Rockwell's CZ series being the most popular choice in the United States. It is widely used by many factions such as the super mutants, Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave, due to its extraordinary firepower at close range

v_minigunとw_minigunの中に、Assault Cannonのテクスチャが入っています。 バグ ミニガンを発射している最中に倒されてしまった場合、プレイヤーがリスポーン待機中にミニガンの発射エフェクトとサウンドがずっと画面内に残ってしまう・聞こえてしまうことがある

The Gauss minigun is a weapon in the Fallout 76 Wastelanders update. The Gauss minigun is a powerful automatic ballistic weapon. Compared to the 50 cal machine gun, the Gauss minigun has increased damage, accuracy, and nearly twice the magazine size. It can be further upgraded to deal energy damage, increase ammo capacity, and greatly increase fire rate. When crafted, Gauss miniguns use. The M134 Minigun is a 7.62x51 mm NATO, six-barreled rotary machinegun with a high rate of fire (2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute). It features Gatling-style rotating barrels with an external power source, normally an electric motor

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The basic M134 can be readily modified to fire other smaller caliber ammunition, such as the XM214 5.56mm mini-minigun. The GAU-17/A utilized on the UH-1N, H-3, and H-60 aircraft, is a crew served, electrically driven, 6 barreled, rotary action, percussion fired weapon, with a maxi-mum rate of fire of 6000 rounds per minute Minigun 3D models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options. Buy More, Save More Get this item for $ when you bundle it with the items in your cart. Add to Car

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La Minigun es una ametralladora multicañón con una elevada cadencia de fuego (miles de balas por minuto), que emplea el sistema Gatling de cañones rotativos accionado por un motor eléctrico alimentado desde una fuente de energía externa. En la cultura popular, el término Minigun se refiere a cualquier ametralladora Gatling accionada. Minigun joined compLexity Gaming as a result of the merger. He would part ways with compLexity on January 15, 2013 to rejoin ROOT Gaming. Heart of the Swarm [] On March 3, 2013 Minigun played in the MLG Winter against ミニガン (Minigun) フォールアウト4 攻略 > 武器 > ミニガン 基本情報 概要 主に銃座手による使用を目的としてベルチバードなどに装備される重火器で、5mm弾を圧倒的な速度で射出して対象に壊滅的なダメージを与える。重量はあるものの.

The Minigun is a new MEC-only weapon in XCOM: Enemy Within. The Minigun the default weapon for MECs, and as a conventional weapon, it is available in unlimited supply In Call of Duty 4, the Minigun is used by Soap in Heat to provide supporting fire for his retreating SAS allies. The Minigun is attached to a downed helicopter (the same helicopter can be seen in the same position in Safehouse, however one cannot use it due to a patch of fire blocking entry to the helicopter) just past the church

Royalty free Minigun 3Dモデル by cantuna. Available formats: c4d, max, obj, fbx, ma, blend, 3ds, 3dm, stl - 3DExport.co Minigun Katsueのページです。 表示する内容を絞り込むことができます。 ※ランキング更新通知は全ワールド共通です。 ※PvPチーム結成通知は全言語共通です The minigun is a rotary barrel machine gun derived from the Gatling gun. In Madness Inundation, the Auditor used a minigun to combine sniper-rifle accuracy aim with the gun's destructive power against Jesus but misses with every shot. The minigun also appeared at the end of Incident: 110A but wasn't used until after the credits screen when Jesus used it against a mob of oncoming agents. In. The Minigun is a machine gun designed by the General Electric Company and produced by many other companies around the world. It is a multi-barreled rotating gun similar to the Gatling gun used in the late 1800s and early 1900s (most guns of this type are still usually referred to as Gatling guns). The term minigun is used because of its smaller size, as compared other types of Gatling-style.

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The Minigun is an Assault weapon in Battle Royale, formerly classified as either an Explosive weapon or a Minigun.It is available in Rare (Spy Games only), Epic, Legendary and Mythic variants. It uses Light Bullets and has a headshot multiplier of x1.5. and has a headshot multiplier of x1.5 武器連射 (M134 ミニガン (Minigun)) [エンターテイメント] ヘリ搭載型M134(通称ミニガン (Minigun))少しだけ別バージョンのM134も映ってます。ほとんどレー.. The Minigun is one of the two options for the Small Weapons Platform, the other one being the Photon Phaser. Generally, the Photon Phaser is an anti- shield weapon whilst the Minigun provides additional system and Crew DPS, so the tradeoff depends on how effectively a player manages to disable their opponents' shields The Minigun Turret/jaは石造りの構造物として扱われ、以下によってのみ損傷する可能性があります: Metal Weapons (5%) Tek Sword (~218%) Explosives (150%) Ballista Turret (40%) Cannon (~137%) Therizinosaur (Headbutt only, ~ The Minigun is a DLC weapon from the Overkill pack for Notoriety. The weapon is free as long as you have the required DLC. The Minigun has below average damage, which makes it take quite a few shots before killing enemies, but it's accuracy is decent. This makes it useful for most ranges, but it's recoil is quite high, so the player might have a hard time landing shots at longer ranges. It's.

M134 Minigun: The Modern Gatling Gun ベトナム戦争当時(1963年)、高速移動する兵員輸送ヘリコプターから地上を射撃する目的で開発された、バルカン砲のミニバージョンがM134ミニガンです。 M61バルカンは20x102mm弾を使用する. Not to be confused with the Laser Minigun. The Minigun is the second most expensive weapon in the game at$125,000 (first being the Laser Minigun). It is a heavy machine gun with a high rate of fire, large magazine, and large ammo capacity, while also having the highest single-target cyclic DPS out of all weapons. On the other hand, this weapon has a long reload time, low accuracy and a high. The Minigun in-game is a six-barrel 7.62x51mm rotary machine gun more formally designated the M134 Minigun and is meant to be used on aircraft, sea vessels, and static positions. The weapon's weight in real life is 85 pounds (39 kilograms), and still a hefty 41 pounds (19 kilograms) with the lightweight modifications

The Minigun, which is added by the Flan's Mod mod, is crafted in the Advanced Modern Weapons Box with 32 Iron Ingot, 16 Fibreglass and 16 Redstone Dust.It can hold 1500 rounds of Minigun Ammo (Crafted with 8 Iron Ingot and 32 Gunpowder) or Minigun Explosive Ammmo (Made with 8 Iron Ingot and 256 Gunpowder).) [PS4] Preisanfrage/ verkaufe Minigun Junkies *** GonozalX, vor 56 Minuten [PS4] Biete 2 Ausputzer und ne Handmade und Bauplan Radioaktives Fass DerKriegerGott, vor 1 Stunde, 39 Minuten Ich kann nicht mehr Fallout 76. Proceed to Homepag The Minigun is a primary weapon acquired from red crate drops. It takes one second to rev up before firing. It does 10damage per hit and has a very fast fire rate. The Minigun does not need to be reloaded - instead, it gradually overheats (indicated by the barrel turning red) and, upon reaching a certain threshold, cannot be fired for a short duration. When not being fired, it will passively. Minigunの類義語一覧は Wikipedia と irohabook.com の文章をもとに人工知能のプログラムが生成しました。当サイトは irohabook.com の著作権者により運営されています。単語の左にある数値はその単語とMinigunの cosine similarity であり、1 に近いほど類似度が高くなります

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Brutus' Minigun was a Chapter 2: Season 2 exclusive Mythic Minigun variant in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was obtained by defeating Brutus at The Grotto. There was only one of these per match. This weapon has a much faster win Minigun Top Contributors: Vampire Horde, JaredPetty-IGN, JonRyan-IGN + more Last Edited: 3 Nov 2016 9:01 pm Page Tools Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag View History This weapon becomes available. Laser Minigun スネーク 高出力エネルギーを光エネルギーに転換して増幅し、レーザービームで発射する銃である。連続発射時、エネルギー転換が増加するにつれて銃の揺れも激しくなる。エネルギー凝縮システムを稼動すると、高出力 Classic Army M134-A2 Vulcan Minigunミニガン ガスシステム S009M Classic Army M134-A2 Vulcan Minigunミニガン ガスシステム--CNCフルメタルメタルボディ --HOP調整--ガトリングスタイル回転バレル --6バレルマシンガン--バレルはミニ. CLASSIC ARMY M134-A2 VULCAN MINIGUN ミニガン バルカン 長らく詳細画像を掲載しなくて申し訳有りませんでした客注で特別に入 ARSENAL webshop (アーセナル) 東京の端っこで輸入してます ARSENAL webshopです.

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  1. The M134 Minigun, or Minigun for short, is a heavy machine gun that has the capability of shredding zombies apart in a matter of seconds. It has a 150-round capacity and contains 2 magazines, but has the disadvantage of a 1.5 second rev-up time and a slowed walkspeed, specifically removing 8 walkspeed from the player. A big disadvantage of using this that it is unable to be refilled at Ammo.
  2. The Minigun or Mini Gun is a Machine Gun that appears in the first two games. It was replaced by the Vulcan in Strike Force Heroes 3. The Minigun is the fifth and final machine gun to be unlocked by the Commando. At 15 rps, the Minigun is the fastest shooting gun in the game. However, like the SAW, First Blood, and other rate-of-fire-based machine guns, the Minigun sacrifices its accuracy and.
  3. igun がAliExpressで世界中へ送料無料 Great news!!!You're in the right place for toy
  4. Minigun is the title of a group of common assault rifles in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are manufactured exclusively by Dahl, and feature the spinigun (Vladof) barrel. The Minigun is Dahl's version of a rotary assault rifle, using the three-barreled design seen in weapons like the Spinigun. As with other rotary rifles the three-barrel design significantly improves the.

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  1. igun selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costume weapons shops. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: basic sit
  2. HANDY-MINIGUN あぶぶ 孤爪研磨 神樂 水神三面 ゼノン667(ppx667) 新しい背景、作りました ゆゆ 2 探偵組 YAYA SigeCaliburn ミスターワン 3 リッカ・グリーンウッド 生誕祭2020 日向ののか 3 Requests! Finnish Iffy 地蔵行平 pixiv.
  3. ute), employing Gatling-style rotating barrels with an external power source.-style rotating barrels with an external power source

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  1. igun via ammo stations. It also allows the Minigun to rev up quicker than normal. Survivors wanted more power, and to make the thing easier to reload. R-Brain.
  2. The XM214 Minigun is a powerful automatic weapon available in Sven Co-op that boasts a very high rate of fire. It is wielded by the Sergeant and the Bodyguard, making them both formidable enemies to confront. The Minigun is a heavy machine gun and is the heaviest weapon in the game. It has a rate of fire of 1000 rpm, the highest of any fully automatic weapon in the game, which makes it ideal.
  3. Gunshot - Minigun 30 julio 2013 1,0 de 5 estrellas 2 App GRATIS Disponible para descargar ya. FOKOM 1Pack Granada Juguete Granada de Mano Water Beads Bomba + 50 Pack Dardos Bolas para Nerf Rival 4,0 de 5 2 € 29,99.
  4. Minigun Bastok 10 | Delver of the Depths ミッション 10 10 1 Zilart The Last Verse Promathia The Last Verse ToAU Eternal Mercenary Assault First Lieutenant Altana Lest We Forget Campaign Dawnlight Medal C.Prophecy 合成 0.
  5. Minigun: Spinning up via secondary attack now counts toward reducing the one-second accuracy penalty. February 11, 2015 Patch #1 Fixed not being able to switch away from the Minigun while spinning down. July 2, 2015 Patch.
  6. Der Minigun aus VCS und LCS Der Minigun ist eine der stärksten Waffen in der Grand-Theft-Auto-Serie.Er kommt in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto Advance, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories und Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars vor.. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ist der Minigun so stark, dass er alle.
  7. 概要 全般 フォールアウト4に登場する数多くの武器はインベントリの Weapons の項に分類される。武器は銃器・近接武器・爆発物の概ね3種に大別することができ、戦闘においてそれぞれ異なる役割を果たす。実戦で発揮される武器の威力や効果は対応 Perk の有無によって大きく異なり、自身の.

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BB弾が撃てるガトリングガン CAW M134 MINIGUN AEG のレビュー [エンターテイメント] Laineema2010さん紹介記事はhttp://meiya-doll.livedoor. Minigun in slow motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeyVrLK03mc The General Electric M134 Minigun is essentially an electrically-powered Gatling gun -. The Meritable Minigun Download: PC / XBONE / Nexusmods ミニガンのディテールが増すようなリテクスチャMODです。 バニラのミニガン MOD導入後のミニガン 違いがわかりにくいですが、ミリタリーちっくなデカールが追加されています。. (Minigun Explosive Ammo) 100 1 2 20 0.3 1500×1 1500×1 【銃】 鉄インゴット:32+ファイバーガラス:16+レッドストーン:16 【弾1】 鉄インゴット:8+火薬:32 【弾2】 鉄インゴット:8+火薬:256 機能:連射・(弾2_爆発1)・移動速度-60% 40 3 15. Isolated., 武器, 銃, minigun, 機械, gattling, automatic. - このロイヤリティーフリーベクトルを数秒でダウンロード。メンバーシップは必要ありません。ホーム 始めましょう Can Stock Photoについて 写真のダウンロード方法 ストックフォトを閲覧する.

Gunshot - Minigun Jul 30, 2013 | by Gnawbone 3.4 out of 5 stars 7 App Free Download Available instantly on compatible devices. bbtac gold and black dual 618 airsoft sub-compact pocket pistols 110 fps spring 3.4 out of Get it as. Now *this* is a big-ass machine gun! Louis The Minigun is a mounted weapon in Left 4 Dead. It is designed for defending intense standoff areas. The Miniguns were presumably left behind by the military, but were abandoned when the Army left or was killed. It has a small wind-up time, but once it starts firing, it becomes one of the best support weapons in the game. The gun is very powerful.

MINIGUN Description Discussions 2 Comments 412 Change Notes 1 Award Favorite Favorited Unfavorite Share Add to Collection. Content Type: Weapons Tags: Modded Content File Size Posted Updated 2.433 MB Sep 24. The Minigun is a Signature Weapon used by the Gunner in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. The M134 Minigun is a six-barreled, electrically-driven rotary gun originally designed by General Electric. Essentially a miniaturized version of the 20mm M61 Vulcan chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, it was originally designed during the Vietnam War to provide a high-volume-of-fire weapon suitable for mounting on.

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イギリス海軍の艦艇に搭載されているDS30B 30mm機関砲(エリコン30mm KCB)と7.62mm M134ミニガン(イギリス海軍の形式名称はMk44) DS30Bは自動化されたDS30M Mark2(Mk44 ブッシュマスターII)に順次交換中 チャンネ The M134 Minigun is a 7.62 mm, six-barreled rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire (2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute), employing Gatling-style rotating barrels with an external power source. The term minigun has popularly come to refer to any externally-powered gun with rotating barrels of rifle caliber, though the term is sometimes used to refer to guns of similar rates of fire and. The M134 Minigun is a six-barreled, electrically-driven rotary gun originally designed by General Electric. Essentially a miniaturized version of the 20mm M61 Vulcan chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, it was originally designed during the Vietnam War to provide a high-volume-of-fire weapon suitable for mounting on helicopters. . Boasting a fire rate of up to 6,000 rounds per minute, the minigun. GAU-19/Aは、ゼネラル・エレクトリック社が開発した12.7mm口径のガトリング式重機関銃。GECAL 50とも呼ばれる。極めて大重量であるので、通常は車両、艦船または航空機に搭載されて運用される トイガンのカテとは違いますが実際のM134かな!?7.62mmのガトリングはこんな感じです毎分2000~4000発でイラク戦の対人実射が他サイトで見ましたが瞬時に人体分解し消滅(汗)小径の51NATO弾だが脅威のサイクルレートな.

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に関連するニックネーム、クールフォント、記号、同義語、およびタグ Minigun - la destructora, Heartless. ゲーム、プロフィール、ブランド、またはソーシャルネットワークに適切な名前を付けます。 面白いニックネームとクールなゲーマータグを送信し、リストから最高のものをコピーします Minigun Emplacements - Includes Buildable and placed Enemy Spawns Created by BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah - Yulliah Download: PC / XBONE / Nexusmods 居住地に設置できるミニガンを追加するMODです。設置したミニガンに入植者 M134 MINIGUN 定価 320000 円 (税込) ・M134 通称「ミニガン」は、口径20mmの「M61 バルカン」をベースに小型化し、アメリカのゼネ ラルエレクトリック社が生産している.308 NATO 弾を使用するガトリングガン です。 実銃は、6. Minigun_vechle_3rd.dds の問題を修正する方法(無料ダウンロード) 最終更新:07/31/2020 [読むのに必要な時間:3.5分] Minigun_vechle_3rd.ddsは、DirectDraw Surfaceファイルの一種とみなされます。これは、GamersFirst様によって開発されたWar Rock Client 20111018で最も一般的に使用されています

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The Minigun is available to players for 2500 teeth and is currently the highest dps (damage per second) weapon in the game. The Minigun is a massive gun that holds a total of 150 rounds per magazine combined with its fire rate makes it do a devastating amount of damage out classing even the likes of the Ray Gun in terms of damage. The Minigun takes a brief moment to warm up as the barrels. The Minigun is a 7.62x51 mm, six-barreled machine gun. The rate of fire is between 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute which is crazy. It has Gatling-style rotating barrels with an electric motor as its power source. The Mini in the. The Hellfire Minigun is a craftable Pre-Hardmode gun.It is notable for its incredibly fast firing rate and 'overheating' mechanic. If the gun is extensively used without taking breaks, the weapon will need to cool down over

Sgt-Minigun,坎巴拉航空航天集团首席设计师。玩游戏。。逛B站。。吃饭。。,bilibili是国内知名的视频弹幕网站,这里有最及时的动漫新番,最棒的ACG氛围,最有创意的Up主。大家可以在这里找到许多欢乐 医師のための総合医療情報ならm3.com。日々の診療や臨床・医学研究に役立つ医薬品情報、医療ニュース、学会情報、医学文献検索、医師掲示板. YouTube - Minigun CGで弾丸がどのように装填・排出されるかが見られます。 YouTube - minigun YouTube - Minigun mechanism アニメーションの高画質版はこちら. The M134 Minigun is a 7.62 mm, six-barreled machine gun with a high rate of fire (2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute), employing Gatling-style rotating barrels with an external power source. The. Mit Minigun wird im engeren Sinne eine nach dem Gatling-Prinzip arbeitende vollautomatische Schusswaffe im Standardkaliber 7,62 × 51 mm NATO bezeichnet. Der Begriff Minigun schließt nur das M134 bzw.GAU-2 und GAU-17 - jeweils andere Bezeichnungen für dieselbe Waffe - ein..

Replaces: Minigun Sounds During the YouTube war between Keemstar and Ethan Klein, it's up to me to submit this one for the Classic Mounted gun in L4D Universe. Team Fortress 2: Audio Alester Wick: Edited YouTube: H3H3 puts Template:Infobox weapons Template:Wikipedia A devastating 6-barrel machine gun that features Gatling-style rotating barrels. Very high rate of fire (2000 to 6000 rounds per minute). ― GTA V description on the Rockstar Games Social Club. The Minigun is a recurring heavy weapon in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, based on various US minigun models, appearing in various forms since its.

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The «GE M134 Minigun» (GE・M134 ミニガン, GE M134 Minigan) is a heavy machine gun-class Gatling gun and one of the largest firearms available in Gun Gale Online. Due to the weight of the gun, players wielding it are usually overweight and cannot run. The playtime required to obtain the Minigun is similar or longer than than that of PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II and requires a large value. [PS4] Preisanfrage/ verkaufe Minigun Junkies *** Hallo zusammen meine Frau hat eine Junkies Minigun mit Körperteilschaden und 1Wahrnehmung. was ist die euch denn wert? Der alte Arkonidenfürst 13.09.2020 um 14:44 26 +3. The XM214 is an American prototype 5.56 mm rotary-barreled machine gun. It was designed and built by General Electric.Also known as Microgun, the XM214 was a scaled-down smaller and lighter version of the M134 minigun, firing M193 5.56×45mm ammunition M134 Minigun In-Game Information Magazine Capacity: 1000 rounds Concealable: No Two-handed: Yes Technical Specifications Caliber: 7.62x51mm Length: 39 in. (about 99.06cm) Weight: 41 lbs. (about 18.59kg) Real-World Information Appearances: Hitman: Codename 47Hitman: Contracts Based on: General Electrics M134 Minigun The M134 Minigun (simply shortened to the Minigun) is a weapon that can be.

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The Minigun is a weapon in the Resident Evil 2 remake. It can only be found as Claire on the small room next to the Turntable. Since the player is forced to grab the Joint Plug, there will always be space available on the inventory t The M134 Minigun is an American 7.62x51mm six-barreled machine gun. Its rate of fire is 2000 to 6000 rounds (bullets) per minute. It is called mini as compared to the earlier, much bigger M61 Vulcan. In movies and video games, the Minigun is sometimes called the chaingun, but this is a mistake. The chaingun is actually a completely different gun The Minigun is a weapon cut from Half-Life. It was to be used by the Human Sergeant. Overview This non-identified Minigun is featured in the Human Sergeant model found in the Half-Life SDK and Half-Life: Source files

ROOMS OFFERS 2020最新のスタイル短納期 (取寄品)(キャンセル·代引不可) CAW製 電動 MINIGUN エアガン M134 MINIGUN MINIGUN ミニガン バルカン ヘビーマシンガン【激安人気新品】!!私は18才以上かつ高校生ではありません. M134 MINIGUN for SnowRunner Released Mar 24th, 2020 (updated 114d ago). Ranked 113 of 1,194 with 23,042 (7 today) downloads Published by ChameleonHUM (mod ID: 95510) Description 26.49mb Subscribe to install 11722. Customize your avatar with the Shoulder Minigun and millions of other items. Mix & match this back accessory with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you! Complimenting accessories can be found below.

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